Friday, January 22, 2010

day in day out

Confession: I don't have a picture for today's post.

Blank space

That's my picture for today Nothing to fill the void It's weird not having something on which to base one's perspective No period No comma No picture No face No name No one Black White You Me Us Trippers

A million things have happened since our last Trip documentation. Politically, emotionally, intellectually... a lot is going on in this world. Floods. Earthquakes. Overturned laws. New faces. New names. This Tripper will get better at documentation, but for now, consider the void. Consider the empty space. How do you want to fill it?

We're all filling blank spaces; every day, something opens up, or gives way, or dies... and in its absence, someone must find a replacement. Each day opens doors for a new generation of thoughts, ideas, people, and with one generation's beginning, another generation ends. We're all in the process of ending. Beginnings and endings have the same outcome; what matters most is the time in between. The promise of significance is what matters most. The hope that filling voids or making up for shortcomings is what elevates each generation to the next level. It's the hope that this generation will be the best generation.... It's the hope that we can, in fact, learn from the mistakes of yesterday. That lesson alone makes us confident that tomorrow and tomorrow's people will be better.

So here's to blank space and tomorrow.

Fill the void,

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