Friday, January 15, 2010

Enough with the introductions

One of my dear friends just informed me that my socialite name is Georgina Tippy Bouvier. I'll take it.

Welcome to The Day Tripper. The Tripper's aim is not to soapbox, nor is it to preach to choirs. We have enough of that stuff as is. The Day Tripper varies from day to day, as does life, you, me, etc. So instead of taking "so long to find out" (as some day trippers tend to tease those who follow them), this Day Tripper will feature day-to-day in raw format. You'll get what you see - no more, no less. The Tripper does not promise, however, that some views won't be a little skewed.

The Tripper will feature photos, music, links, opinions, fashion, inquiries, polls... and is open to suggestions. No one Day Trip is like another. You may not chose to Day Trip daily, but on the days you click on the ticket to ride, feel free to jump in with ideas, opinions, and future Day Trip wishes. Everyone wants to go somewhere; everyone wants to escape the norm to experience a taste of something different. We're all in this together.

Look forward to Day Tripping with you.


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