Wednesday, January 27, 2010

state of the union

So I'm taking a break from Tripping all day (went to Freer Museum and DuPont) to share a few thoughts before I head out to watch the State of the Union address....

As I was walking back home on the National Mall, there was a practice entrance for the President. Sirens. A million cars. Military men (I saw no women). Before Obama makes his grand entrance, the Capitol will be brimming with people... men will be armed and ready at the top of the Capitol dome. My friend said, "Right now, we are the are in the safest and most dangerous place." How true.

Some people gather to listen. Some people gather to watch. We all gather. For support? To applaud? To critique? Ablaze are the American people. Each have his/her own set of ideals about how money should be spent, when we should pull out of Afghanistan, if homosexuals should be allowed to marry, and why we are in the "state" we are in. How? When? If? Why? No clear solution exists.

My phone is buzzing. I have million things to say, but for now, I will say goodbye. Watch our President speak. Take into account his words. Know that he is human. We are human. You are human. I am human. We all make mistakes, and as we do, we strive to be better, to correct our wrongdoings, and to move with the speed of life.


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